Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery & Returns

  • What are your delivery options for purchase orders?
    • We use UPS, and Hermes to deliver our products. If you would like us to use your shipping account or if you have a freight carrier of choice just let us know your carrier information in your order.
  • What is the size limitations for ground shipments?
    • All packages exactly 8 feet (96 inches) and under can be shipped via Royal Mail and UPS. Any packages longer than 8 feet (96 inches) must be shipped via Hermes. For this reason, our 8 feet LED Channels are 94 inch long in order not to exceed 96 inch BOX limits of UPS.
  • Do you have Local Area Delivery or Will Call Pick Up options?
    • We have Will Call Pick Up option from our warehouse at North London Business Park. We can deliver orders in across UK. Please contact us for local delivery zone information.
  • What is your return policy?
    • Standard Products that are ordered with no modification / fabrication / customization requests are returnable in its original unused condition. All returns are subject to Lydia Electronic’s approval. Unauthorized returns will be refused. Restocking fee of %20 are applied to standard products returns and return shipment costs are at customers expense. Custom products that are defined as all products ordered with modification / customization / fabrication requests including but not limited to cut-to-length, cut-to-width, drilling, tapping, milling, anodizing, or custom die tooling are non-returnable and non-refundable, unless there is Lydia Electronics defect.

Products & Services

  • What is your average lead time for LED Profiles?
    • We stock a large array of LED Profiles in our warehouse at North London, Barnet. Most of our LED Profiles are shipped on same or next business day.
  • What if I need a custom length size for LED Profiles or Heatsinks?
    • We stock most of our profiles in 10 feet length. According to customer requests we can prepare & ship any length needed for your application. Some LED Profiles are also stocked ready to ship with 3.28ft (1m), 4ft (47” – 1.20m), 8 ft (94” – 2.40m) options. If you need longer than 10 feet, please contact us, we can provide our profiles in any length requested.
  • Are all Heatsink Extrusions listed in your website available to public?
    • With more than 45 years of heatsink extrusions manufacturing experience of our extruder partner, all listed heatsink extrusions are available to public. Please contact us if you need any technical specification sheet of our heatsinks.
  • Do you have a showroom that we can see your available products?
    • We have our product showroom in our main sales office at North London Business Park. We have dozens of models to see. Our showroom contains most of our popular products with over 500 models. You are welcome to Visit Us! Our showroom is open from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 5pm. You can visit us to get technical information about our products, to do detailed technical workshop for your custom needs. You can also take a look at our online catalog, or contact us to request your own printed catalog.
  • Can I get a sample for a specific product? Or Do you have sample set?
    • We have different sample sets for LED Profiles including slim-lines profiles, multi-led-strip profiles, round shaped extrusions, 8-16 sided led heatsink sample sets. Also, we can provide samples of component heatsinks. If you need a sample of a specific LED Profile or Heatsink model, please contact us.
  • What is the length availability of Heatsink Extrusions?
    • All LED Profiles and Heatsink Extrusions can be provided up to 20 feet length. There may be exceptions for some extrusion types due to manufacturing limitations. Please contact us if you would like to have the specifications sheet of any available extrusion.
  • Which machining services do you provide for Extrusions?
    • Fabrication services that can be provided including but not limited to;
      • Horizontal Cut to required length
      • Vertical Cut to required width
      • Drilling
      • Tapping
      • Milling
      • De-burring

Please contact us for any modification / fabrication requests you may need for your application.

  • Do you provide Anodizing Services?
    • We can provide Anodizing services as required for your application. Most of our LED Profiles are stocked as Natural Anodized. All LED Profiles and Heatsinks also can be provided as both Natural or Black Anodized. Please contact us if you have any special anodization requirements like thickness or different colors.
  • What is your Cut Length tolerance?
    • Standard Cut length tolerance for extrusions is +.0150”. We can provide better tolerances if you specifically request in your purchase order.
  • What is your shipping tolerances?
    • Standard Products that are listed in our website and ordered in quantity or length are shipped as they quoted. Some slim-line LED Profiles are bundle packaged and we may round up your requested quantity/length and prepare the quote in accordance to the number of profile in a package.
    • Custom Extrusions that are prepared specific to customers may have manufacturing/shipping tolerances up to %10. Such deviations are usual in this trade and the deliveries are deemed as being in compliance with the agreement. If delivery quantities fall below the ordered quantities, there shall be no right to subsequent delivery of the missing quantity.
  • I need advice to determine which heatsink would be suitable for my project? Can you guide me?
    • We can provide the short list of available heatsinks for your dimension requirements. However, we do not provide any consultation or advice regarding the thermal capabilities of our heatsink extrusions. Our customers bear the responsibility for testing our products for any proposed use. Any information provided by Lydia Electronics is believed to be accurate, but our customers must accept all responsibility for use and the application of our products.

Custom Products

  • Do you provide custom LED Profiles, Heatsinks or other Extrusions?
    • You couldn’t find the right product for your project? That’s okay. In addition to our comprehensive portfolio, we can provide the most effective solution for your application with customer specific designs. We work together with our customers to prepare the best applicable LED Profile, Heatsink or any other Extrusions for their needs. We work with our exclusive extruder partner who has the ability to design, tool and extrude for requests you may have. Please contact us for your custom request.
  • I have a heatsink design for my project? Can you make the die tooling for it?
    • We can provide die tooling service for your custom heatsink requests. Our custom design products that are not listed on our website are proprietary to the customers that have purchased the tooling services for them. Tooling costs does not convey ownership. Tools remain property of Lydia Electronics. If you were to proceed with a custom tooling service purchase, the right to use that die would remain yours and solely produced for your company unless granted written permission from you.
  • We plan to use one of the heatsinks listed on your website in our project. Can we get the CAD file and make some changes to create a new cooler for our project?
    • We can provide the CAD files of the heatsinks listed in our website to you in order to modify them and use it in your project. Please contact us for your requests.

Pricing and Ordering

  • Do you have a minimum order requirement?
    • No! We don’t have any minimum order requirement or any extra charge for small orders for standard products (No custom machine work required orders). You can order any amount as you need. However, it’s necessary to consider shipment costs for small orders may be unreasonable amounts due to weight of packages.
  • What is your pricing strategy? Can I get a volume discount for my project?
    • We’re dedicated to provide the best value to our customers. We define the Value as an optimal balance of good service, flexibility, wide product mix and competitive pricing. In business, economies of scale always works. We are very ambitious that we can provide the best value to our customers. Just ask for a quotation to see our advantage!